The single most important thing that has to happen for 2 people to do business together


Trust is the single most important thing that has to occur for two people to do business together. If this is true, how much ‘trust’ training have you had?  Do people trust you?  How do you know if they do or they don’t? 


How do people feel about you?  What do you want people to feel and think about you and what you do for them?  If you had to pick one word that you would want people to say or think about you, what would that one word be?  Now, what has to happen to create experiences for clients and prospects so when they think of you, they think of this one word.  When they refer you to others, they tell them this one word because it is how they feel about you.


When people trust you, they typically do what you tell them to do. You say, do x, and they say, okay. They eagerly refer you to others who they think will benefit from your services.


What do you have to do and who do you have to become to enhance your business and the relationships you have with your clients and prospects.  It’s all about them having the best experience with you and what you provide to them.  How do create trust with clients and prospects?  Think about these questions and come up with some single, simple, doable thing that you can implement right away to take your business to the next level of success.

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