This is What it Takes!

I was reading an email by Richard Weylman today and thought you would get value from his message also.  He wrote:


“Recently I spotted a young lady going door to door in my small town passing out her resume to every business. She marched in, dressed for success and asked to see the manager. Then, with dignity and maturity beyond her years (she is a junior in our local high school) she presented her resume and her value statement to every manager. When I approached her about why she was going door to door, her answer was simple. “I need a job and I have to get in front of those who hire!”  Wow!


Two days later a local farmer pulled into our office parking lot selling fruits and vegetables. I asked him why he wasn’t just parked on a corner selling his products. His answer was simple “that’s what everybody else does. Me, I make it happen. I’m not waiting until it happens.” Another Wow!


In both cases, these individuals chose to break out, get out and reach their prospects face to face. The lesson here is simple; to grow your business you have to reach, see and meet more people. In this market, people need to know you and trust you. This can only happen if you delegate running the business to a limited number of hours each week and spend at least two days a week out of the office meeting, greeting and becoming known and trusted.


The school girl was going door to door on Saturday because she is in school until 4:00pm M-F. The farmer has to grow it to sell it. Yet in both cases they saw what it takes to be successful in this market. The same applies to each of us in this business. Or to put it another way, as Milton Berle said, “If opportunity isn’t knocking, build a door.””


WOW is right!  This is what it takes to be successful.  What are you doing today, tomorrow, next week, next month that puts you in the highest probability position to reach your next level of success?

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