Time management and doing your high pay-off activities first

If you are visual, visualize your high pay-off activities (HPA) as those things that are the most important or the biggest things among the things you have to do. So let’s say they are bricks compared to the other things which are marbles. If you have a jar, fill the jar with the most important things which are your HPAs and then fill in the marbles with the rest of the time you have. If you fill in the jar with the marbles or smaller and not as important things first, then you don’t have as much room for the bricks or the high pay-off activities.

Many times it is easier to do your lower pay-off activities first and it may even take less time. However, you only have a finite amount of time so in order to achieve your goals, you need to focus on doing your highest pay-off activities first. The jar is a specific amount of time so you have to get as many bricks in as possible before filling the rest of your time with the marbles.

Apply this concept to creating your ideal calendar and make effective time management a priority so you can be on the path to achieve your goals.

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