Time-wasters do nothing but impede or delay the ideal life you are committed to creating. The good news is they are simple to eliminate. They simply become something you used to do when you were okay with staying where you were. The difference now is that you are ready to move on and create your ideal life – and letting them go is a snap.


Here are a few examples of time wasters.  Remember, it all adds up.

1.      Not doing similar activities together can waste time.

2.      Spending time trying to fix things you can’t and never will control.

3.      Doing things that can be delegated, or at least delayed.

4.      Getting caught up in reading all the personal jokes and entertaining things people send to your email.

5.      Playing telephone tag when you really should work, as much as possible, by appointment.

6.      Entering into superficial chit chat when you really don’t care and even sometimes when you might care.

7.      Going to meetings or attending membership group events that provide no real value to you or your firm.

8.      Getting ready to get ready.   Quit thinking about something you think is beneficial to do and just do it now.

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