To Change or Not To Change?

Can People Change?

Change can also refer to an individual’s own mission to become different.  An individual’s change can happen quickly, gradually, or over a long-term period of time.  It may be a conscious decision by a person to change, or be a personality change only perceivable by others who compare the two distinctive personalities, one past and one present.  Changes can also be made for the positive or negative.  Most people won’t perceive that they are “changing” for the worse—they may believe in their minds they are improving on certain individual qualities, all the while losing sight of their overall persona.  Perhaps they have abandoned their previously upheld values or have altered their own perceptions of happiness and morality.


Knowing the definition of change, as well as the human understanding of change, may enlighten you as you start to make changes in your own life.  What kinds of changes do you believe are necessary?  First decide why you believe a change is called for.  Do you wish to change something about yourself or do others remark to you that you should change?  Are you judging yourself from your own perspective or the feelings and expressions of others?  Do you think some change might be necessary to get from where  you are now to where you want to be because what you are currently doing isn’t working or isn’t as effective as it used to be? If you perceive that your current behavior is self-destructive and ultimately leaves you unhappy then it may well be a time to change.  Even so, it’s wise to first consider what qualities are helpful and what qualities can be unhealthy.


The Pros and Cons of Change

Some analysts have stated that when you consider “change”, whether in the context of society or individual improvement, that there are a few factors to consider—the pros and cons of change, as it were.  The pros of change are indeed powerful and too many to list them all here.  Change can correct a sense of injustice.  It can instill faith and hope in humanity and improve human relationships.  It can lead to better efficiency in production and lifestyle.  At best, change could even save the lives of many people.


What are the cons of change, if there are any?  There are definitely some negative consequences that could result from change.  You never know, in most cases, exactly what will happen until you try it.  When you enter into change, you must believe it will produce the desired results, or why change? What got you to where you are today probably isn’t going to take you to where you want to be without some degree of change.  We all grow as we get older.  We experience new things and learn new things that help us to make changes accordingly.


Don’t be afraid to change just because you don’t know how the change will affect things.  I heard it said, if you continually do things the same way you will always get what you have gotten.  Explore what might be.  Ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that can happen? In most cases, it will be something desired and something good. You may not do it perfect the first time, but you will get better each time you do it. Try changing something that you have been putting off and experience the results for yourself. Enjoy!

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