Top 10 Tips: How to Get Motivated – Tip 10

Breat a Sweat!

10. Break a Sweat.  It’s no secret that exercising boosts your confidence and helps you stay motivated.  Get active and clear your thoughts by taking a jog in the park each morning, swimming a lap in your pool during your lunch break or speed walking with your dog before work.  Any kind of physical activity for thirty minutes or longer will help you get motivated and boost your levels of endorphins.


ACTION STEP: Commit to 30-minutes per day of any type of exercise.  Use your personal preference (morning, afternoon or night) to use your peak energy to the best advantage.


Apply part or all of these 10 proven tips and action steps to help you get and stay motivated and you will continue to move closer to achieving your goals.  It’s about staying focused and disciplined, taking many positive steps forward while minimizing or eliminating the backwards steps, and committing to doing what it takes to get you where you want to be.

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