Top 6 Routines of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Every businessperson typically follows some kind of routine. Whether this routine means getting out of bed at the same time every day, taking a hike every weekend, or simply going to the same place for their coffee.

Routines are created to give order in a disorganized world. It brings clarity and focus to your daily life. It also provides the absolute satisfaction of having laid-out steps and processes to follow every day.

Routines feel like a planned-out day where everything is scheduled to go ahead without a hitch.

Successful entrepreneurs make use of routines in their lives. This has helped them organize their activities, improve their productivity, and give them a clear and uncluttered focus of their life and business goals.

To align your business goals with your daily activities and tasks, these are 6 routines of highly successful entrepreneurs you can emulate.

  1. Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine? Do you wake up early in the morning, or do you sleep late into the morning?

Most successful entrepreneurs wake up very early in the morning and have a morning routine. It can be meditating, exercising, responding to emails, or reading business memos and industry updates. It can also be reviewing and planning their time blocks and scheduling other activities for the day.

When you get up early, you have the advantage of being aware of an unencumbered peace and quiet. This can allow you to focus on personal or business activities without interruption. It also allows you to be available and ahead of demands.

Having a morning routine also helps you feel confident and focused on the challenges the day may bring.

  1. No Limit on Workdays

Though it is very important to have rest days, successful entrepreneurs are known to work when they don’t have to.

Weekends blur into holidays and vacation days blur into workdays for successful businesspeople.  This shows that they are highly focused and committed to the tasks that they are set to achieve.

They have no set limitation on a day and are set to work whenever inspiration strikes.

Carry a notepad and a pen to jot down innovative ideas that may strike when you are doing something unrelated to work, or take notes on your phone (whichever works the best for you). The best ideas cannot be controlled and confined to a specific time slot.

  1. Challenging Tasks are Handled First

Successful entrepreneurs typically handle more challenging tasks first. Unlike most business professionals who procrastinate on the important tasks and handle all the easy tasks first, high achievers understand the benefits of handling challenging tasks first.

Most people start the day with smaller tasks such as emails, messages, memos, easy client service tasks, etc. However, the mornings are when the brain is at its peak for most people. When they decide to handle the more challenging tasks, the brain is working at a less optimal rate which easily causes exhaustion and lesser quality results.

Handle your challenging tasks when your brain is working at its peak. By doing this, you can formulate better plans, make better decisions, solve complex problems, and generate creative ideas to set your business on its path to greater success.

Brian Tracy talks wrote a book called Eat That Frog. “Eat that frog!” means to start your day with the biggest, most important, and most dreaded task. It’s also the task you are most likely to procrastinate on. Brian Tracy is also about disciplining yourself to eat that frog first thing in the morning every single day.

  1. Calendar Time Blocking Practice

Instead of planning your personal and business activities in different calendars, successful entrepreneurs make use of calendar time blocking practices that comprise planning all their activities in one place.

Online planners and calendar schedulers make it easy to practice this routine. Since they can be easily accessed from multiple devices, this type of scheduling is the preferred choice for successful entrepreneurs and allows them to be as productive as possible.

Did you know that some of the most productive people in the world swear by time blocking?  Ever heard of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Michael Hyatt, or Cal Newport?  Yep – all time-blockers. They’re squeezing every drop of productivity from their days.

  1. Rest after Tasks are Completed

It is one thing to have tasks to complete. It is another when you can take a break after these tasks are completed. Successful entrepreneurs understand the benefits of resting after tasks are completed.

They understand that the brain needs to rest and refuel. There is also the satisfaction and motivation of completing tasks efficiently and successfully.

If you are challenged and often feel overwhelmed by all the work you have to do, set a small reward at the end of each completed task or every 90 minutes. This can help increase focus knowing that you get a break.  The break can be meditation, a short walk around the building, or whatever will give your brain a quick rest to rejuvenate.

  1. They Value Teamwork

Successful entrepreneurs understand the value of teamwork. They understand that different people have different strengths and weaknesses, and the right team can make up for each other’s flaws.

When you understand that you cannot go at it alone and achieve your goals, you gain important teamwork skills such as active listening, delegating, and compromise.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that being successful has little to do with being independent but harmoniously utilizing valuable skills from different people.

Change your routines today by adopting these routines from successful entrepreneurs that are sure to change your life and your business, so you can more quickly be even more successful. 


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