Turn Coronavirus Lemons into Business Lemonade Web Training – Part 2

The best defense right now is a good offense. While many Advisors are preoccupied with fear about the Coronavirus, distracted by the market volatility, and worried about their own business and financial health, the smartest Advisors are proactively, and substantially, increasing key success activities right now.

As a follow-up from Bill Bachrach’s March online training, Turn Coronavirus Lemons into Business Lemonade, he is hosting Part 2 of this series on May 19th at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT.

Online Training: Turn Coronavirus Lemons into Business Lemonade – Part 2
Date & Time:
 Tuesday, May 19th at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT

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Within days of the COVID-19 pandemic being declared, Bill and his team had already created and shared a conversation template for the AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform members to speak with clients AND PROSPECTS, that was both sensitive to the current events, and productive for moving business relationships forward.

This template was immediately implemented by hundreds of Advisors with excellent results. We then shared this now proven template with the entire financial services industry, also with excellent results.

“I used your template and called 8 people from my ‘cold file.’ One of them, who I had not spoken with for 18 months, wanted to talk about money. He has already hired me for financial planning with almost $1 million of investable assets.” – David R.


Claim your spot today for the upcoming timely and relevant training webinar, Turn Coronavirus Lemons Into Business Lemonade – Part 2, where Bill will share the template with updates and improvements, and discuss exactly what to say and exactly what to do right now to win the battle for client acquisition.


Date & Time: Tuesday, May 19th at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT

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There’s still time to win the battle… but, maybe not for long.


“The battle for client acquisition doesn’t start when the pandemic is over. It’s already begun.” – Bill Bachrach


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