Wasted Time Adds Up – How you can make more money!

How much time do you think you waste each day?  You get sucked into doing emails or surfing the internet, watching youtube videos someone sent you, getting interrupted by staff, clients, or friends, etc.  Think about this for a minute – how much time do you think you waste each day?  Remember it all adds up.  Five minutes here, 10 minutes, there 30 minutes on something fun but not productive. 


When we asked people how much time do they think they waste in a day, many of them said approx. 2 hours.  So we will use this as our example. Use can easily do the math for yourself depending on the number you came up with for yourself.  


Here’s an example of someone who said they ‘waste’ 2 hours per day.

2 hours per day

= 10 hours per week

= 1 week per month

= 12 weeks per year

Divide by 4 and you get a whopping 3 months per year that is spent in non-productive time. 


Now, let’s not dwell on the non-productive time that we waste. Let’s see what that is worth to us in revenue per year if we utilize that 2 hours per day on more high pay-off activities. 


What do you make per month on an average?  $5,000, $7,000, $10,000, $15,000


Multiply that number by 3 and that is how much more money you could make a year if you just focused your time more on high pay-off activities. 


Even if you start by being more effective and not letting time-wasters and distractions get in your way for 30 minutes per day, you will make even more money.  How can you apply this concept in your life so you can achieve your goals?

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