What can you control? What can you do?

Here are some ideas of activities you can do with your time, should you have extra time in the next few weeks. One of my 1:1 coaching clients helped me by getting the this list started.

  1. Read a book you have been wanting to read.
  2. Call a childhood friend who you haven’t spoken to in a long time.
  3. Clean out the garage. I know this one has been on your list a long time…. Involve your children, if you have some, to help.
  4. Start or update your Bucket List.
  5. Meditate. Include the family on this one.
  6. Take an online class.
  7. Get your taxes done.
  8. Plan an instrument that you typically don’t have time to play much.
  9. Learn a new language. Rosetta Stone is waiting or try Duolingo. Good family activity.
  10. Find out what your children think about the world, school, and maybe even you.
  11. Paint the wall that you have wanted to paint for a while.
  12. Put air in your tires and ride your bike, or order the Peloton on a 30-day free trial and check it out.
  13. Take a long walk with your children or your partner.
  14. Cook a gourmet dinner. The family will love you for this one. Enjoy a nice bottle of wine to go with the meal.
  15. Pick a podcast to listen to every day, like The Accountability Minute, or one a week.
  16. Play some music and dance. Great exercise. 
  17. Get up early and watch the sunrise.
  18. Plan a family reunion.
  19. Plan a reunion with old friends.
  20. Move the furniture around and get a different perspective. Good family activity.
  21. Move the pictures on the walls around.
  22. Play a board game with your family. Remember those? Dig them out of storage. 
  23. Do some professional development work that you never seem to have time to do.
  24. Call and talk to clients to be of service.
  25. Keep the faith.


What else? Ask your family what else they would like to do.


Take this opportunity to turn these challenging events into an opportunity to elevate your client value, grow your business, and do some activities you have been wanting to do.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to be of service to you. 


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