What do Your Weekly Goals Need to Be to Achieve your 2013 Goals?

Create Annual Business Metrics

Create Annual Business Metrics

All successful businesses have business metrics they use to know where they are at against their goals at any given moment in time. They use these key metrics to help keep them focused and on track. This puts them in a higher probability position to actually achieve their annual goals.

It is important to note that when you create weekly goals you don’t take your annual goal and divide by 52 weeks because you aren’t going to work a full 52 weeks in a year. Because of vacation, holidays, and sick time, the weeks you work each year are something less than 52. I realize you know this to be true but many of don’t actually take than into account when creating our weekly goal activity. Take your annual goal and divide by 40 weeks, if you plan to work 40 weeks for example, to get a true indication of what you need to do each week in order to achieve your annual goal. If you divide by 52 weeks, you are already behind in achieving the goal. When you divide by the actual number of weeks you estimate you will be working, you have a more accurate picture of what you really need to do each and every week to achieve your annual goals. And when you are on the path to achieving your annual goals, you know that you are on track for achieving your long-range business and personal goals as well.


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