What is Strategic Thinking?

Increase Your Focus and Get Even Better Results

Increase Your Focus and Get Even Better Results

In recent years, the theory of strategic thinking has been gaining steam in the business world. While it follows has the same outline as strategic planning, it differs in that it allows more flexibility, greater creativity, and more collaboration among multiple levels of management.

Essentially, strategic thinking is a method outlining the following:
• Understanding the implications of strategic actions
• Holding the past, present and future in mind in order to make effective decisions
• Focusing on the goal of the action with the intent of achieving it
• Combining critical and creative thinking to all decisions
• “Intelligent optimism,” the ability to respond to good opportunities

Each of these steps is categorized into the following:
• Vision of the future
• Strategic formulation and implementation
• Managerial role in strategy making
• Control
• Managerial role in implementation
• Strategy Making
• Process and Outcome

Strategic Thinking is not a new way of thinking; many successful large organizations have used these practices to establish a clear and precise path on which to carry out their vision. It is essentially a critical thinking process in which all business details are written down in black and white, so that all team members work cooperatively to drive success in the most direct path with the least resistance. Applying Strategic Thinking practices to your small business will accelerate your success by allowing a crystal clear focus to drive daily tasks – for you and your team.

To download a complimentary copy of a strategic thinking model, go to  /strategic-thinking-model/.


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