Why Do People Procrastinate?

There are also two types of procrastinators to consider. 


1. The first can be called a relaxed procrastinator.  This person tends to view their responsibilities (or perhaps their opportunities) in a negative light.  They then try and avoid these responsibilities by redirecting their energy into other tasks—usually mundane tasks that offer nothing else but a quick distraction from the more important goal.  You could say that this type of procrastination is a form of denial.  The person may not even want help from others because they are only craving instant gratification.  This is the type of person that may dream of better things but decide in the end that it’s not worth pursuing because they don’t want to do the real work.  It is much easier to do less or just a little than all the work the goals require to achieve it.  It is easier to do the easy things first and put the harder, but more impactful things off until some other time.


2. The second type of procrastinating personality is known a “tense-afraid” type.  This person is not motivated by instant gratification or laziness; rather they seek to avoid anxiety.  They are easily overwhelmed by responsibility and pressure.  It doesn’t help that they tend to have no concept of time, can struggle with self-esteem, and are unsure about their long-term goals.  When a person is unsure about their long-term goals, then setting short ones and following through on them can be twice as difficult.  The goals they do come up with are often highly unrealistic and the result is just more stress—the normal anxieties associated with life, plus the anxiety that comes from putting off important issues.


If you have a problem with procrastination, then first try analyzing your present circumstances.  Determine first, if you are happy with the ways things are progressing. If not, then agree that it is time to make some changes.  Reevaluate the goals you have and start setting more goals. Then create a progressive plan that gets you to where you want to be (personally and professionally) and within a timeframe that is doable. 


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