Why take the whole year to earn it?

Why take the whole year to earn it?  Why take the whole day to complete it?

Imagine making your desired amount of money in less time than it took you to make what you made last year, while maintaining or improving your overall quality of life.  Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?  It is certainly possible.  By becoming as effective and efficient as possible, this can become a reality for you.  You are laser focused on your highest payoff activities that produce these results. If you only have time to get the top three things done out of six, you are doing the most important that puts you in the highest probable position to achieve all your goals in the timeframe you want.  You delegate, delay or drop all those activities that aren’t the highest payoff.  Remember if you have to do these now because you can’t afford to have team members yet, and you’ve delayed it long enough, and it can’t be dropped, it falls into the 20% of your day when you do activities that aren’t your highest payoff. Imagine taking 10 months instead of 12 months to achieve your goals? Just because that is the way others might do it or you have done it in the past, doesn’t mean that is the way you have to do it going forward.  Let’s create that reality and enjoy that feeling sooner rather than later.


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