Women’s Wisdom Network Interviews The Accountability Coach, Anne Bachrach

Terri Murphy from Women’s Wisdom Network Interviews The Accountability Coach, Anne Bachrach


The latest buzz word today is COACHING!  Olympic athletes win or lose depending on the expertise of their coaches.   Superstar legends like Michael Jordan depended on their coaches to keep them focused and for continual improvement of their skills.


Coaching can be the most productive activity you can do to advance your personal and/or professional life.


The questions most often asked are those that address how to find the best type of coaching for you.


Our guest today is author and accountability coaching expert, Anne Bachrach from San Diego, California.  She is here to share with us her insights and secrets from her latest book:  Excuses Don’t Count – Results Rule!  Proven Systems for a Balanced Life.


Question – Coaching is such a buzz word today and yet the market is flooded with so many different types of coaching.  In your book, you focus on ACCOUNTABILTY.  Tell us what you mean by Accountability Coaching?


Question – You refer in Chapter 2 to the QUALITY of Life Enhancer Exercise and how accountability coaching relates directly to the quality of our life.  Would you elaborate?


Question –Why do you think a person needs a coach and what happens when you take them as far as they will go?


Question: Your Chapter 5 is pretty strong:  Excuses Don’t Count – Unless you’re Dead….

How do you keep your clients on track?


Enjoy the interview.


For more information on Anne’s coaching programs and resources or to get a copy of her latest book and other tool: visit: www.AccountabililtyCoach.com.   

To listen to this 20 minute interview click here: accountabilitycoach.com/wp-content/downloads/Podcast18-TerriMuprhyInterviewsAB-9-08.mp3

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