Would you like to know how to get the clients you REALLY want?

Do you have a process for attracting the type of clients you REALLY want to be working with?

If YES, could that process be even better so you more quickly get even better results?

If NO, you need one!  Otherwise, you’ll get caught up in the cycle of working too many hours, for too little money, and serving too many of the wrong clients!

Join Bill Bachrach on September 11 at 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern for a FREE LIVE TRAINING, Client Acquisition Mastery in the World of Digital Advisors and Disruptive Technology.

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The industry is changing to become totally transparent, let me be totally transparent with you right now.

Most Advisors say they work too many hours, for too little money, and with too many of the wrong clients.

More importantly, this problem will NOT fix itself.

In a survey we recently conducted,

  • 93% of advisors say they need or want to make more money,
  • 83% say they want to work fewer hours per week and take more REAL vacation every year, and
  • 98% say they would like to have a smaller total number of clients who each pay them more.

If this is you, claim your spot for our FREE Training on September 11 at 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time!

If you have a sincere desire to work less, get paid more, and work with the ‘right’ clients, you want to attend this free training.

In addition to getting the most clear and concise definition of “client acquisition” you’ve ever heard, Bill will answer the following questions:

  1. Who should be your target client and why?
  2. Why is it easy to “steal” (rescue, as we like to call it) the best clients from established advisors?
  3. What’s the BIG mistake that most advisors make and what to do about it?
  4. What are the keys to successful Client Acquisition, like where to find higher-net-worth prospects and convert them to clients.

Bill also shares case studies, stories, and examples of what the best advisors do well and what most advisors are doing wrong.

In order for you to work fewer hours, acquire the RIGHT clients, and make more money so you can improve your qualify of life, join Bill Bachrach “LIVE” for this training session.

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Bill is looking forward to having you join him on this powerful training session to help you accelerate your results.



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