You will get a lot of value from watching this thought-provoking video about Nick Saban


Nick Saban

Click the below link to view a great video that can help you with possibly viewing mindset from a different perspective so you can have the highest probability of implementing your 2018 game plan and enjoy even greater success.


Enjoy this powerful Nick Saban 13:46 minute video – Perfectionist.


What lessons did you learn from watching this video that you can apply into your business for even greater success?


To me, this helps set the stage for thinking about how to better serve clients, and people in general. It also helps you choose the “right” members of your team for their internal desire to always be doing their best.


I love what Saban said about “mediocre people don’t like high-achievers, and high-achievers don’t like mediocre people.” This is important to keep in mind when you evaluate your team members. What kind of people are on your team? Who do you want to be on your team?


I also enjoyed his comment about doing something again until you get it right. How many times do you have to practice something until you get it “right”? Do you give up too soon and therefore don’t get the kind of results you want?


Saban also talked about following the process and the results will then naturally happen. Are you so focused on the outcome that you aren’t consistently following a process to get the outcome you want? Do you have a process? Do you consistently follow your process? Does the process work to get the results you want or do you need to slightly tweak it to get the results?


Watch the video a few times and apply some of the concepts he is talking about and see how they can impact the results you get. Click on the link below to check it out now.




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