Your Confidence Glass Needs to Runneth Over…. Every Day

Every day we need to start the day with extra confidence.  Especially during these times, your clients and prospects need and take some of your confidence so if you don’t start your day with extra, they will know it and the chances of them doing business with you are less than if you have enough to give away to all that need some of your confidence during each day.  You need to do whatever rejuvenates you every night so that you can wake up each day with extra confidence to give out during the day.  You will also feel better and be more effective when you start each day with extra confidence. If you have people who work for you, they will want some of your confidence also.  Give it away to everyone you meet and it will have an effect on the results you achieve each day.  What do you have to do every night to wake  up every day with your glass of confidence running over?   

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