100% commitment leads to success – 2 Rules (Here is Rule 1)

There are two rules when it comes to your success, and a sure-fire way to catapult your success, but they only work when you are 100% committed!


Rule #1: 100% Commitment to Achieving your Goals

There may be many opportunities for excuses and exceptions, but under no circumstance do you waver from what you truly desire.  Ever.

What do you do if your life doesn’t support your goal achievement?  In all honesty, there’s no easy way around it – some changes will have to be made.  Sometimes those changes are easy, and other times they’re not, especially when there are others to consider.    This is no more true when you have a spouse/significant other and/or children.  After all, everything action you take has the potential to affect them.

You may have to do some soul searching and find out if you can make changes that will allow you to commit to your goals, while doing the least amount of discomfort to those that will be directly affected.  If you choose to commit to achieving your goals, do not settle for anything less.

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