100% commitment leads to success – 2 Rules (Here is Rule 2)

Rule #2: 100% Commitment to Never Ending Improvement

The second key to your success, is committing to never ending improvement.  You may be better than you were yesterday, but in no way are you better today than you will be tomorrow.  Taking a humble approach to learning is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success.  Use every action and reaction as an opportunity to learn how to do things better next time. 

In addition, surround yourself with as many positive role models as you can.  Watch, listen and learn from successful entrepreneurs that have gone before you; what you learn can result in huge shifts in your perception and life.

When you are facing obstacles or challenges, do not allow self-doubt, fear or frustration to sway your commitment.  In fact, during these times, it is more important than ever to remind yourself why your goals are important to you.  Reconnect with the emotions that are the driving force behind your goals and you’ll remember why you are taking the steps in the first place to make changes.  Remember, your commitment to your success not only benefits you, but those around you, and the world as well.

You must embrace commitment to your goals along with never ending improvement if you wish to reach true success.

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