2 Main Components to Successful Goal Setting

Goal setting is directly tied in to your future and affects your life.  Setting goals not only prepares you for success, it guides you there, to that place that you envision as your ultimate destination.  Setting goals helps you to know exactly what it is you want to achieve and the steps needed in order for you to succeed professionally and personally. 

Effective goal setting sets you on a certain path that is free from distractions and time wasters that could slow your progress.  Finally, goal setting is motivational, because the more goals you set and achieve, the more self-confidence you build and the happier you are. There are two main components to successful goal setting.

1. Set Short Term Goals:  You have probably heard of the effectiveness of goal setting before.  Who uses this system to their advantage?  Many world-renowned athletes, as well as successful businesspersons and celebrities, have adhered to this philosophy.  They have to approach their dream from a logical and progressive standpoint.  Nobody can say, “I want to be rich” and then go from point A to point Z.  In order to find success, as you define it, you must create short-term goals that will ultimately guide you to your vision of success.  These goals will, at once, give you short-term motivation while still making your long-term vision ever clearer.

2. Get Organized. Essentially, goal setting is a means of organization.  The best way to achieve anything, as an individual or as a group, is by being organized.  Arbitrary desires usually do not go very far, and most people are content just to dream.  When you actually take the time to organize your resources and efforts, you will come much closer to fulfilling your dream than the countless number of wishers out there.  Everyone has the ability to set goals.  The question is, who wants it bad enough to actually do it?  You may be surprised by how few people really want it that bad.


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