5 Strategies for Change Management

Change is inevitable. In fact, change can occur so frequently and regularly that in many cases we hardly notice it.


We change our hairstyles, our fashions, our relationships, our opinion, or we re-arrange the furniture; all with little or no resistance.


Change makes us uneasy. Even when a change seems logical and reasonable, we ask ourselves, “Why can’t things remain as they are? I liked it just the way it was.”


But that kind of thinking is self-delusional; we all want to change, whether we admit to it or not. Sure, there are people who say they are happy the way they are, but they are not being truthful with themselves.


We all want to be better, faster, stronger, richer, more powerful, happier, more fulfilled; the list goes on and on.  So, why then do most of us vehemently resist change?


5 Strategies for Change Management


1. Focus on the positives


Change generally results in a positive outcome. Rather than focus on feelings you may be experiencing like insecurity, discomfort or anxiety, concentrate instead on how the new experience will enhance your current situation.


Imagine yourself once the changes have taken place and think about how good they will make you feel. Imagine yourself feeling re-energized, optimistic, excited and exhilarated.


2. Nullify the negatives


Be honest and ask yourself what is it that’s holding you back? What beliefs are you clinging to which prevent you from moving forward? What is the worst possible outcome you could experience from change?


Once you take a realistic and logical look at the reasons why you are resisting change, you will find most of them are unrealistic and illogical.


3. Clarify your Commitment


Change requires commitment and self-discipline. You won’t always get it right first time, so you’ve got to find the strength and purpose to get back up and try again. You’ll find the reward is worth it.


4. Look after Yourself


Change, no matter how big or small, requires a healthy mind and a healthy body. Change doesn’t have to occur overnight – it may take weeks, even months, to make the necessary changes.


Take care of yourself. Eat regularly, exercise, breathe and make time to relax and acknowledge how far you’ve come.


5. Be Flexible


Changes don’t always occur the way we imagined. You may encounter curve-balls and forks in the road you weren’t expecting.


Give yourself enough latitude to readjust for the unexpected.


Neal Maxwell said, “It is not the years but the changes that make us grow.” 


Don’t waste time and energy fighting the inevitable. Learn to see change as a new adventure on the road through life and embrace the future!


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