6 Tips for Gaining Confidence (Part 1)

Becoming an entrepreneur can be one of the most unnerving ventures in your entire life.  Just when you thought you knew it all, you find out you’re just a student trying to make the grade.  So what do you do when your confidence takes a hit?  Follow these 6 tips for gaining confidence. 

Review each of these tips one at a time.  As you read each one, consider if this is a concept that will help you implement the concept or concepts that will be of the most value to you.

1. Start with what you know

If you’re a new business owner, start with what you know.  If you know your stuff, in and out, you’re bound to make a lasting impression with your clients and prospects.  Create a specific outline to the benefits of your services or products, and then be sure to deliver what you’ve promised.  Don’t worry about being the expert, just start with what you know because that’s where your greatest confidence lies.

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