Always put yourself in the highest probability position to achieve your goals

Prepare the night before for your next day’s events. Print out your schedule for the next day and have everything you need to realize the results you want from the activities listed. For every appointment or activity you do, you always want to think about what is the result you want to have happen and then do the things that help put you in the best possible position to attain that result.  What do you need for each phone call, for each meeting, for everything that gives you the highest probability to reaching your goal? If you have a meeting somewhere, print the directions out in advance.  If you have a meeting with someone, make sure to have all their contact information printed out and/or a file prepared with everything you will need. What got us to where we are today isn’t necessarily what will get us to where we want to be. Review every process and system you currently have in place and ask yourself if this system currently is effective at achieving the results you desire.  You may have to make minor adjustments and enhancements to the way you have been doing things to achieve the future results you want.  Always put yourself in the highest probability position to achieve your goals.

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