Put yourself in the highest probability position to achieve your goals!

In talking with a client today, he was telling me that he needed to change his Ideal Client Profile to reflect an increase in their assets under management.  Instead of $1.5 million in assets they needed to have $3.5 million.  He then made a comment that it is harder to find $3.5 million clients than $1.5 million.  I asked him how did he come to this conclusion.  What makes it harder?  He pondered this and said he said he guessed it would really be the same. So we talked about him being the expert in helping $3.5 million people make smart choices with their money so they could have the kind of life they wanted.  Where does he find $3.5 million clients?  How can introduce him to them? Who does he have to become to be the expert to these people?  What systems and processes does he have to have in place to be that expert they are looking for?  How does a $3.5 million client expect to be communicated with and how does he demonstrate that he is their expert?  Then how does he keep them once he has them?  What team of experts does he have to have I place to support the $3.5 million client?  What has to happen for people to seek him out as this expert?  He came up with a strategy to attract these clients and felt more confident that he could really do it as it isn’t any different to find a $3.5 Mil client than it is a $1.5 Mil client.


Put yourself in the highest probability position to receive what you want.  What do you have to change or do to be the expert and achieve your goals?


It is just as easy to find $3.5 Mil clients as it would be anyone.  Go get ‘em!




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