Are You Committed To Your Success?

 Sure, many entrepreneurs say they are committed to their success, but are they really?

When it comes to commitment to your success, there has to be a “no excuses – no exception” rule to back it up.  This rule is especially true for entrepreneurs, simply because there is no one to point the finger at should things not work out as planned.  As an entrepreneur, you are the one holding the key to your success and no one, but you, can be held accountable.

Once you make a commitment to something, there absolutely has to be a “no excuses – no exception” rule, because that is the only rule that separates the failures from the successes.  You must cut out all ties to an escape or alternate plan because that will set in your mind that failure is not an option.  In other words, when you establish only one direction to go, that is where you will go.

Imagine what would happen if you were to commit to your success only 99% of the time:

  • 1% percent of your clients would be unhappy with your product or service and proceed to tell 10 of their friends.  Those people would proceed to tell their friends they had a friend that had a bad experience.  This could translate into dozens of lost clients and thousands in lost revenue.


  • 1% of your printed marketing materials were published with spelling and grammar errors.  This has a devastating effect on any business with a poor perception from the public and potential clients.


  • 1% of the time you don’t answer your email from a prospective client within 24 hours.  You respond a few days later, but learn they have taken their business to someone who responded promptly.


See how much of a difference there is between 99% and 100% commitment?  Although 1% doesn’t sound like much, reaching 100% commitment at every opportunity is not always easy.  The only way to truly hold a reputation for commitment is by consistently demonstrating 100% to each and every task.  Once genuine commitment is displayed, your success is inevitable.

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