Are you Headed for Success or Disaster?

believe, do, live it - motivational conceptIf there is one thing that holds the most power over your success, you can bet that it comes down to your beliefs.  Before you even have the opportunity to consciously process the reason behind your actions, and the results those actions put in play, your beliefs are at work determining whether you are headed toward success or disaster.


There are literally tens of thousands of actions you take daily (some consciously, most unconsciously), but do you know how those actions are affecting your success?  You can probably think of at least one action that you have taken in the past that didn’t necessarily deliver the results you desired.  With conscious awareness, you have the ability to examine and identify what went wrong, and what you could change to bring about a different result next time.  This is an example of conscious awareness.


But what about all those times you make unconscious decisions that bring about undesired results.  How do you stop them from occurring?  Here is a one tip to help you master your beliefs.


You are only as successful as your beliefs.

Are your beliefs supporting your success?  The most definitive way to know whether your beliefs are leading to success or disaster is to examine what you say to yourself.  Do you typically think to yourself that you will be successful or that there’s no use in trying, because it will never work.  The nature of your belief system – positive or negative – will be the single greatest determining factor in your success, so you had better start thinking success.


When the negative talk starts swirling in your head, just cancel it out – sweep it out – delete it.  Focus on the positive (and what you really want) and remember that your success is completely dependent upon you and you alone.  Although you can allow talk from those around you to negatively affect your progress, no one can prevent you from achieving your goals.  The determining factor is always and only your ability to hold true to your belief in yourself.


There is always a way, so take a “no-excuses” approach to achieving your goals and you will achieve them.  The way isn’t necessarily apparent, and if you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock – get creative.  You’d be surprised how you can come up with some creative and effective solutions when you think outside the box.  The idea is to maintain an element of creativity when coming up with solutions, so you are constantly expanding your belief system.



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