Check out the Lead Generation Summit – Bill Bachrach conducting a session!

If you aren’t currently generating enough leads in your business, a resource you should check out is the upcoming Lead Generation Summit, taking place on November 6-10th. Bill Bachrach has arranged a free pass for you to attend and the Summit is virtual, so you can attend from anywhere.


The Lead Generation Summit is a compilation of lead generation experts who will be presenting strategies to generate more leads and grow your business in a variety of ways.


Bill will be presenting the 7 Critical Conversations for Building a 7-Figure Business, where you’ll explore: 

• How to most effectively acquire new clients 

• A repeatable process that motivates clients to have all of their business with you 

• How to break out of the everyday “trap” that is not successfully serving you 

• The skills needed to turn prospects into clients


Look through the lineup of speakers and topics and sign up to attend. Make sure to mention Bill Bachrach referred you when you sign up in order to get your FREE access.


Register now at


After you have a lead, the next step is to create a strong emotional connection between you and your prospective clients which will create the most important aspect of any relationship, TRUST.


If you can facilitate a meaningful experience that will get your existing and prospective clients discovering what’s truly important to them, you can move the needle on their “trust dial” in the right direction so they’ll want to hire you, implement all of your advice, and decide to do all of their business with you.


The way to do that is through Values-Based Financial Planning™.


Register now to grab your FREE seat for the Lead Generation Summit on November 6-10th. Bill is looking forward to having you join him. (

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