Communicate effectively and be productive with groups of clients – Effective and Efficient Behavior

In working with a client today I started thinking about effective and efficient behavior. He was telling me how he was proactive in sending out some communication to his clients that they needed but didn’t think through it enough so got bombarded with phone calls wanting to know more information on the communication they received. We talked about how to do this differently next time. Some ideas were to create a teleconference for people to dial in and listen to so he didn’t have to say the same thing x number of times. He just had to say it once or twice depending on the number of teleconferences he would set up. Then if people had immediate needs (identify immediate timeframe and what that means) they could call in to schedule a phone appointment with him by calling _________ at ___________. We talked about thinking of ways that gets done what he needs done with the least amount of his time involved. If there is a way to group activities and people, it obviously is more productive. You want to make sure it is effective and people appreciate what you are doing. You can also send out a mass voicemail message to your clients which shows you care enough to reach out and tell them what is important for them to know. You can also consider doing a seminar or seminars that people who want the information they need can attend and feel cared about. He could have done one or two group teleconference for those interested and saved a lot of his time. This allows for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. When doing something like this, it still gives you time to do the other things only you can do to keep building your business and pursuing other opportunities. It may be reduced time, but you still have some time. You always want to document the process when you are doing it or after you have done something. This will help if you need to do it again and if you want to modify it to make it even better. These are just a few tips to help you communicate with effective and efficient behavior.

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