Delegate to Significantly Increase Your Success

Delegation refers to the assignment of responsibility to another person in order for that one to carry out a chosen project. What’s important to realize is that the person who delegates the assignment is actually still accountable for its outcome. The person in authority is handing an opportunity to a subordinate in hopes that he or she will make proper decisions and reflect well upon the authority’s name.

The benefit of delegation is that it allows staff members to develop their skills to full potential. In a way, it is about entrusting authority to someone else. You, as the authority figure, are giving that person the right to act independently, under the power of your name and your firm.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should continue to do it. Learn more about how to work with people, both superior and subordinate, and to make educated decisions that will help you on the road to success. Delegate as much as you can so you become more effective and efficient at those things that only you can do and are best for you to do to be more productive and successful. As you begin to release control one-by-one, you will start to experience how great it feels to just do what you are good at and work only on those things that produce the results you want.

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