Do more business by leveraging resources

One person I work with is having a harder time hitting his previous years revenues, due to the current economy he believes. His belief is a whole different story and not for this lesson. Instead of leveraging resources, he thinks that in order to do the same revenue as lasts year or better, he has to double the number of potential leads. In order to do this, he has to spend more marketing dollars and spend more time looking for leads. He can’t physically double the number of hours he currently works to help with this way of thinking. I asked him one simple question: What would happen if you looked for and obtained better quality leads instead of just trying to double the number? Then we talked about options of how and where he could obtain better quality leads. If he could attract better quality leads he may not need as many people who would become clients from this group; therefore, not feeling pressure to double the number of leads and marketing dollars and time. Make sense? This is a key factor in leveraging resources. Have you ever been in a similar situation and realized that you just couldn’t double everything because it just wasn’t possible to realize the outcome you needed to have happen?

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