Do people send you words of praise for what you do?

Do you sound look, and feel like everyone else in your industry?  How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else?  How do prospects view you – like everyone else in your industry?  Have people really experienced what you do to differentiate you from everyone else?  Do they understand how you are a benefit to them and the people they know who might want or need your services or products. It is the experience you give people that differentiates you from everyone else.


Do people who do business with you thank you?  Do you receive thank you letters from people who experience what you do after they have invested in your services or products? If not, why don’t they send you thank you notes and appreciate what you do for them?  What would have to happen for you to receive words of praise for what you do? What small change might you have to make?


I appreciate you saying whatever they said about you (nice). One way you can help others to have experiences like you are having now who have had experiences you have had in the past, is letting me know all the people that you know that you think might enjoy or be open to learning about what we do so they can choose to work with us or not.  Stop depriving people of what you do. Leverage the compassion, emotion, and those feelings of enjoying the experience you just provided someone and they are thanking you for all you did for them.  Help them make it easy for them to refer others to you. What else might you have to implement in your business to make it easier to refer others to you? Execute and implement those things today and reap the rewards.

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