Do you need to change what you believe?

While in church the other day, the minister’s message was about what is our purpose in life. During the course of what he was saying, a few very powerful things occurred for me and maybe they will have an impact on you.

He talked about our greatest potential sometimes comes through our greatest fear. Think about some small things you might be afraid of – asking for referrals seems to be one with many of my clients. When they deal with their fear and just ask, they receive. Ask and you shall receive. They all also wondered what they were so afraid of after they did it several times as it turned out to really be extremely beneficial to them getting more referrals and getting more clients.

The other note I wrote down is about every decision/choice we make is based on our beliefs. In order to get an even better outcome, you might have to change your belief….. Can you think of a limiting belief that you might have that causes you to make choices that aren’t getting you the results you want? Let’s use referrals as an example again. You don’t ask for referrals because of some belief you have, or you think people will only give you 1-2 referrals when you do ask. Change your belief to something that has you believe that when you ask for referrals, people are glad to help you and they refer you to everyone they know who they think could benefit from your services. Try that belief on for a while and see how it can help you be even more successful while helping more people with your services and products.

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