Effective Delegation

Effective delegation is unique for each business and in the beginning you will have to engage in a series of checks and balances until refinements are made to the point your business is running at optimal level. It is completely acceptable to maintain control over certain tasks for the sake of the success of your business (and your sanity), but reevaluate task delegation and responsibilities every few months to make sure your business is running optimally. As you get to know your team more intimately, you will be able to identify the perfect team member to complete a specific task to get your business to its optimal level.

You can think of it in terms of everyone being attached to a rubberband.  Everyone is involved to help the organization achieve certain results each year.  Everyone has their part in achieving these goals.  Everyone has to move forward together to achieve these goals so the rubberband doesn’t get stretched too tight and break. This delicate balance is the outcome effective delegation.

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