Excuses Don’t Count: Results Rule!

As you may or may not know, my motto is Excuses Don’t Count unless you’re dead. Now I know this sounds harsh but excuses are just that – excuses. They don’t serve anyone and it doesn’t matter what your excuses are. You either did or didn’t do something – just that plain and simple.  I love to read Prevention Magazine.  Like many busy people, I pile up my monthly magazines and read them when I travel.  I happened to be recently traveling to Peru so I took all my Prevention Magazines I had been piling up with me.  In the July 2008 issue, there was a great short article under Who We Admire. There are five ladies in a photo who all have t-shirts on with a circle and a line crossing through the word Excuses – basically meaning No Excuses.  I love it!  The article is about five ladies who just celebrated their 30th year of walking together.  They walk every single day at 6:30am, rain or shine, and have logged an estimated 25,000 miles. What an inspirational story and we should admire these five ladies.  No Excuses!


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