Focus On the Things You Can Control

When I saw this graphic on Instagram, I thought it was perfectly said. 


How many times have you gotten frustrated by things you can’t control? 


Focus on things you can control and be more in control of your business and your life.


  • Focus on being even better at time management. Being more intentional with how you use your valuable time.
  • Focus on being an even better leader / manager.
  • Focus on being even better at revenue generation / client acquisition.
  • Focus on being even better at asking for referrals and introductions and getting the mother lode.
  • Focus on being even better at overcoming any limiting beliefs you might have. 
  • Focus on being an even better parent, spouse, partner, or friend.
  • Focus on being even healthier, more fit, more flexible. 


To help you stay focused on what you can control, so you have the highest probability of achieving your goals,

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