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I was shocked and very happy the other day when my 73-year old mother said she isn’t opening her financial statements anymore to review them. She went on to tell me how her friends are continually dwelling on the market issues and don’t seem to want to talk about much else. She is sick and tired of listening to them talk about things nobody can control. So she decided to not open her financial statements and not talk about things she can’t control any longer. This was music to my ears as I too am tired of listening to people complain about things outside of their control.We are all in the same situation so what we each have to do is get laser focused on the activities that you think will put you in the highest probably position to achieve your goals. Work on those activities that you can control. I didn’t say it will be easy but it sure beats complaining about things we can’t do anything about and gets us focused on ourselves and what we personally can control.

My Mom does worry about having money and enough money to live on in her retirement, just like the rests of us. I’m thrilled that she is out there doing the things that make her happy and that she isn’t wasting her time worrying about things she can’t control. She is out, playing tennis, enjoying her book clubs, hiking, doing her hospice volunteer work, traveling with friends, and doing all the other activities that are more important in life than money. She is creating a life she enjoys living and is happy. She isn’t wasting valuable time complaining about the things she can’t control any more. She knows that eventually everything will come back – as it has historically always done. It is just a matter of time.

What’s more important in life than money to you?Enjoy your life and do those things that you need to do and that ultimately make you happy. Most of us are very fortunate for many reasons. What are you grateful for?  Go to /resources/quality-of-life-enhancer-exercise/ and complete your personal Quality of Life Enhancer(tm) Exercise. You will really enjoy it.

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