Focus on Your Highest Pay-off Activities

Decide how much time is required of each of your High Pay-off Activities (HPAs).  Put them in priority order and calendar as much as possible. 

Review your lower payoff activities and determine which ones you will delegate to whom, and then communicate this to them with a target date for completion. 

Determine what you will delay or for how long you can delay each one.  Determine which ones you will have to do and by when, and then calendar those in the 20% portion of your day.

Visualize the end result you want to have happen and manifest it in your life. Think about it, feel how it would feel to achieve each goal you have, and then experience it happening. Get excited, in advance, about you hitting your goals and achieving the results you want. 

Visualize the actual result happening. The clearer you are on this, the more you will manifest it in your life and make it a reality.

Put time on your calendar each day to visualize the results you want to have happen. It may only be 5-10 minutes but it can have a powerful effect on your life. Manifest the things you want to happen and enjoy the experience of seeing what you visualize come true.





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