Helping Others to Progress Creates Business Success

In creating an efficient machine, there would be no reason to deliberately hinder employee advancement as this would directly affect productivity and eventually profit.  Personally speaking, it makes sense to train new staff members according to the same criteria that you would live by.  When you teach by example and are helpful to new workers, they will remember this training in future years, considering you more of a personal mentor than just a boss. 


The Most Important Factor in Overseeing Progress

The single most important factor in overseeing progress is that of individuality.  You cannot assume that delegation or training can be lazily standardized and yet simultaneously help an entire staff progress rapidly.  Some people will progress faster than others, others slower, and still others will require special training because their perceptions are totally different from most of the other workers.  Some staff will be particularly hard working, convergent thinkers.  Others will be very good at “thinking outside the box.”  The key is to identify the skills of each particular team member and then individually hone those skills until every worker progresses at a comfortable pace.  It may also involve you identifying the weaknesses of some workers and coming up with ways to train them into becoming more efficient performers, or give those tasks to someone else who can be or is efficient at those tasks.  Leverage people inherent skills.


Employee training and delegating authority are part of overseeing a company’s progress.  It is a golden opportunity to advance your interests while helping others grow into their professional roles.  It is a great feeling to see others make progress with your training and mentoring and it makes everyone more effective and efficient which means people are more productive overall and that leads to goal achievement.

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