Here’s Your Opportunity to Accelerate Your 2015 Results

Accelerate Your Results!

Accelerate Your Results!

Would you like to Increase the Probability of Achieving Your 2015 Goals?

Are you sick and tired of your current level of success?
Are you irritated watching others pass you by when you know you have more potential?


You know that feeling when you’re “on a roll”? When things are really clicking and everything is going exactly the way you want it to go? Wouldn’t it be great to have that feeling more often? Jump-start your 2015 with proven systems to help you achieve your goals sooner.


Many people find it difficult to consistently stay focused and do the work required to achieve their goals. They seem to be more distracted versus being focused and clear on their highest payoff activities that will put them in the highest probability position to achieve their goals. They are working hard at getting ready to get ready, and not making any real progress.


Discover how to enhance results and your overall quality of life by having a proven framework and easily implementable system for achieving your goals in the time-frame you want. You’ll learn proven business success principles on how to focus on your highest payoff actives to produce the biggest results in the shortest amount of time so that you can experience that feeling of true and total success and a fantastic quality of life.


When you follow this proven business-success system, you will:

  • Get more done in a lot less time (be more productive)
  • Be even more focused on the activities that produce results
  • Organize your time and your life
  • Develop a personal and business game plan
  • Create a more balanced life
  • Increase your income
  • Achieve your goals sooner than you may have thought possible


Here’s what you get when you invest in this special offer: 

  1. Four (4) 30-minute one-one-one high-value coaching sessions with Anne Bachrach, The Accountability Coach™ and The Results Accelerator™ (conducted over the phone)
  2. The Wheel of Life to help you put the 8 areas of your life into perspective and to create the game plan for 2015
  3. Identify specific Life-time and Long-term, Quarterly, and Weekly goals that you are inspired to achieve
  4. Create a Monthly / Annual Tracking Spreadsheets to track progress on your goals
  5. Create a Weekly Tracking Spreadsheets to track progress on your goals
  6. Learn Effective Time Management and Calendaring Skills
  7. Define Your High Pay-off Activities for Goal Achievement
  8. Create Your Ideal Client Profile
  9. And, unlimited e-mail access to Anne for the entire 30 days


Take advantage of this special new year offer to help you get focused so you can achieve your 2015 goals and enjoy what is truly important to you in life.


When you invest by Dec. 31, 2014, you receive the special discounted price of only $399. You save over $600 and you get to take the deduction in 2014.


Sign up for this special holiday offer right now by going to: /increase-probability-achieving-2015-goals/



“If you want to achieve your goals on a much accelerated path than you can do on your own, Anne is the critical component to be on your team. Good, bad, or ugly, she will tell you the truth as she sees it and help get you out of your comfort zone so you can be even more successful – professionally and personally.” – Jeff Davidson



“Anne is an incredible talent. She has over the years absorbed all of the rules for success and high levels of achievement. By working with her, she is able to help you double, triple, or quadruple your business on purpose. I am always fascinated by the knowledge she has, and the way she has always been able to me and my company grow. Her books and private coaching are a sure way to achieve anything that you have dreamed about.” –Chad Coe



“I serve in a senor management position in my company, and have long recommended Anne Bachrach’s accountability coaching for my management team and staff.  Being able to sit and focus for 20 minutes on a call, one-on-one with Anne, is truly incredible! It reinvigorates and hones my focus each week as she pushes me to challenge myself and my abilities in my job and in my life. As a result I have acquired more clients, revenue, and even more ‘big’ referrals in a much shorter period of time than ever before.”

–Dave Turner, CEO

Cascade Financial Management, Inc.


“Anne is a MOMENTUM BUILDER!”  Thanks for helping my momentum!”

–Joe High, Fourth Quarter Financial Coach


“Anne Bachrach is the queen of accountability. She holds your feet to the fire to make sure YOU achieve your agreed upon goals. Her overriding mission is your success.”

–Dr. Tony Alessandra – The Platinum Rule



 “There are not many people I can point to that I credit my success and financial independence to, but Anne you are one. Based upon my experience and success through the accountability coaching I received from you, every major goal in my life has come to pass. From building up a multi-million dollar business to losing 140 pounds of excess weight, your “no-nonsense encouragement” was the key to maintaining my momentum, even (especially) during times of discouragement.”

— Mark McKenna Little, The Freedom Experience



“Thank you for making such a profound impact on my personal and business life in such a short period of time. I have invested in other coaching programs that were valuable, but none of them generated the results and ROI as fast as you have. You are amazing! From just one of your suggestions, I have already earned $60,000 from a client that previously would have paid me $5,000. 

–Randy Davis, The Strategic Millionaire



“Anne has helped me change not only my business, but my life.  With Anne’s help, no excuses attitude and amazing ability to see through the fog of my own distractions, I have not only achieved one of the goals I was most afraid to set, but actually exceeded it. My personal life has flourished because my professional life has structure and boundaries.”

Mona Santos



 “I own my business and am a single Mom, and occasionally when things get crazy, I feel overwhelmed, or out of balance…Anne has helped tremendously in that regard.   I am continually having “aha” moments when we talk and consider this to be a true work in progress.  Anne has had an amazing impact on my life in such a short period of time.”

— Cynthia Heil, CFP®, Cascade Financial Management, Inc.


 “Anne’s no-nonsense coaching has been invaluable to me over the past 10 months.  She has kept me laser focused on the tasks that have the highest probability of pay off in the shortest amount of time. I have added 24 clients this past year and am already on track to do more than that next year. We are starting our new year out with over $100k more a year in revenue than we had the prior year, thanks to Anne.”

— Christopher Morris, CMA Financial Services


 “As an already successful business person, I hired Anne to help me realize my true potential and create even more balance in my life. She helps me think outside the box and be open to new ideas that can help accelerate my results.”

— Gary R. Moore, Merrill Lynch


Anne Bachrach has worked with me as my “Life Coach” since September 2005.  During this time I have accomplished more in every area of my life, and I attribute that to Anne’s coaching. The biggest value I have gotten from her is in my quality-of-life. My marriage is better, my physical health is better, I am more focused on the spiritual aspects of my life, my relationships with my children and friends are better, and I am just having more fun than ever before!

— Don VanLandingham, CPA/PFS, Guardian Wealth Management


“I’ve been working with Anne for several years, and have heard firsthand the reports from her clients. In a nutshell, Anne gets results. She is THE Accountability Coach. No excuses are accepted, and you WILL change your life.”

–Scott Higby


Sign up for this special New Year offer right now by going to: /increase-probability-achieving-2015-goals/


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