How to Get Things Done with a Master Task List / Prioritized Action List

Focusing on many responsibilities is a vital part of successfully running your business successfully.  But how do you know which tasks need to be completed immediately and which tasks can wait?  You have so many things you need to do that it can be very overwhelming.  If you focus on the less important tasks, while the most important go unnoticed or forgotten about, you could be sabotaging your overall success.  Fortunately, you can get a grip on your essential tasks by learning how to get things done with a master task list.  Use prioritized action list to increase your success.

What is a Master Task List / Prioritized Action List?

A master task is a strategically composed list that will help you meet the needs of your business.  When you understand how to use a master task list, you’ll be able to produce results far superior than those resulting from trying to remember everything and posting sticky notes everywhere, with efficiency being the key benefit of getting things done. 

While there are many benefits to using a master task list, they serve as great distraction busters and procrastination killers.  By simply streamlining the way you get things done, you can get the important things done first, making the biggest impact.

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