Check out my Interview with Daryl Woodhouse – Healthy Life-Work Balance Expert

Daryl Woodhouse has appeared on 200+ stages, workshops and conferences, live and virtually across 60+ countries. From his experience, Daryl knows that a healthy life-work balance isn’t just good for your wellbeing, it has a profound impact on business success.  Daryl equips leaders and entrepreneurs with all they need to achieve more, work less, and avoid burnout.  This all sounds good to me, so I hope you also get value from insights Daryl shared with me. 

Here are some questions I asked Daryl that you will benefit from by listening to his interview:

  • Since starting your first business in 2012, you achieved 7 figures in revenue within a few years, winning many awards from innovation excellence and client success studies. Please briefly explain what the major contributors were to you being able to accomplish such good success in a short period of time.
  • Share with us the 8 ways to boost workplace productivity & wellbeing, so we can get an idea on how to get started doing this in our business.
  • Can you easily share what you call your ‘Perfect Week Planner’ template and give us practical and easy to implement tips?
  • How can we achieve more at work, without increasing our work hours?
  • If we are feeling stress and overwhelm, how do you suggest we stop ourselves from feeling this way?

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