Let stress help you and not hurt you

As business person and entrepreneur, negative stress can sometimes get in our way.  Or we can choose to have the kind of stress that makes things work. Consider a tennis racket, a trampoline, a guitar. Yet many of us let stress become our greatest enemy: It can cause illness, including heart attacks, hypertension and migraines. But you can turn stress into your greatest ally, using it to motivate you to take action — to make you “work.”

How do you make all of these stresses allies in the quest for success? First you must learn counteractive strategies and how to turn stress to your advantage.

1.   Start and maintain some kind of exercise.

2.   Be Consistent.
Prospecting and marketing for new clients should be an ongoing part of your business.

3.   Have Your Clients Do Your Marketing.
The effort of a cold call versus a referral is heavily one-sided. If your clients are happy they’ll be more inclined to tell others about you.

4.   Keep Your Goals in Sight.
On a regular basis measure your progress against your goals (not against the ideal).

5.   Do Only What You Do Well.
Do only what you’re good at and passionate about, then hire out the rest.

6.   Embrace Change.
Change happens. Like death and taxes it’s inevitable, so you might as well embrace it.

7.   Get A Coach.
A coach or mentor is an ideal way to keep yourself on track. Accountability to someone else focuses your efforts and increases your results.

8.   Talk to Other Successful Salespeople.
You might be amazed at what you can learn from other successful people in your industry and outside of your industry.

9.   Invest in Yourself.
Consider yourself YOU, Inc. Invest in yourself like you would a small business or company. Don’t wait for your company to provide you with tools to do your job better; get them yourself.

10. Think Positive — Fear Negative.
Implementation is the key!  If you’re a procrastinator, create a negative reinforcement that will motivate you to get it done.

11. Reward Yourself.
Try positive reinforcement by splurging on a special something when you get a new client.

 The practices above will help you use the high charge of stress to push you forward instead of sapping your strength.  Which ones will you implement in your life today?


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