Mercedes Mechanic I Highly Recommend – in San Diego

Whenever I get a car, I always look for the best mechanic (typically not at the car dealership – sorry) to work on my car, so I can have an expert who specializes in the type the car and also to save money from going to a dealership.  If you are like me, you want the best mechanic who you trust to tell you the truth and who saves you money.

If you live in San Diego area and have a Mercedes, you want to take your car to Exclusive Motors. They are located at 8448 Miracrest Place, Suite C, San Diego, CA  92121,

Their phone number is 858-552-1112.

I was referred to this mechanic many years ago and have gone there ever since. I needed 4 new tires the other day in addition to some regular maintenance. They took my car to get the tires for me so I didn’t have to go there and get them myself. They double checked the air pressure and took the time to explain everything they did to my car.  The floors are so clean you could eat off them, if you had to. They are the best!! I almost always feel like I should pay more for the work they do for me. I bet you haven’t felt this way about a car mechanic too many times before, if ever.

They only work on Mercedes. They also have cars for sale if you are in the market for a Mercedes. Make sure to tell them Anne Bachrach sent you. 


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