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“I really love your book! One of the highest of all human values is to be able to live your life with no regret. This fabulous book is filled with wisdom and advice for guiding you to make the most out of your life!”

Thomas Moore

Entrepreneur and Values-Based Financial Planner


“I read your book, “Live Life with No Regrets”, on the plane home from the Academy and thought it was great.  The inspiration and honesty I got from the book was what I needed.  A young lady who had just graduated from Boise State’s art department sat next to me and I asked her what her goals were.  Her eyes lit up with so much passion when she talked about art and the things she wanted to do.  Turns out she was headed to Dallas to live with her uncle.  Her uncle keeps telling her she needs to forget about art and get a job that can support her!  I quickly turned to some of the pages in your book and we talked about living with passion and about living life with no regrets.  It was amazing!” 

–Larry Adams

“I felt like you wrote the book just for me!”

–Jeani Stevens

CBS Television, Business Development

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