Persistence: The Commonality of Champions

Look upon history, and you’ll find that the notable quality that exists in all champions is persistence.

The path you walk will not always be easy, but you have to continue to persist.  Even in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds, you must keep putting one foot in front of the other, because there are lessons to be learned along the way, all of which will support your success.

Whenever you confront an obstacle or roadblock, step back and emotionally detach yourself from the situation.  It’s much easier to think of ways to go around, under or over the obstacle when you let go of the frustration.  This may take some practice, but try this exercise: imagine a friend is the one facing the challenge(s), and you are simply providing ideas how to help them overcome the obstacle.  When you are solution-oriented, you focus on the possibilities, not the impossibilities.

In truth, nothing is impossible, and change is inevitable.  Knowing this, you can take persistent steps in faith, with the wisdom that nothing stays the same, and at some time in the future your current obstacles will dissolve.

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