'Reverse Delegation' is not acceptable behavior.

When you have team members come to you with problems, issues, or concerns, they must also bring you a solution or solutions to this problem, issue or concern. I had a manager once who, nicely said to me, “B.M.” only flows one way. Actually, he used a different word as you might have already guessed. In other words, team members can’t delegate up to you to solve and do what they should do or try to do. This is called reverse delegation and should not be acceptable behavior.


When you use this method to solve issues, concerns, and problems, it makes the team member think to solve the issue instead of just complaining and having you solve everything for them. It may also give them more confidence and make them feel like they have a say and can contribute to the organization. When they come to you with solutions to the problem, issue or concern, you might be amazed at what they come up with – they might be also.

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