Self-Limiting Beliefs

One example of a No Longer Acceptable (NLA) is a self-limiting belief. This is beyond just pessimistic thinking. When you follow self-limiting beliefs you actually inhibit your own potential. Self-limiting beliefs restrict a person’s inhibitions as well as their confidence. They start to think that opportunity escapes them, perhaps even that they are doomed to a life of failure because of the circumstances that have been dealt to them. Do you sense the dogmatic attitude here? They are unwilling to try, having already blamed their failure on someone else. A lack of ambition is not the only problem in this scenario. The same people who take on self-limiting beliefs also keep jobs they do not enjoy and stay in dysfunctional relationships. It’s a continuing cycle of misery. Therefore, if you are serious about changing your life then getting rid of these attitudes, these damaging NLAs, is the very first step.

It would behoove you to stop thinking of any lack of accomplishments as failure. You still have time to make a difference and to pursue your dreams. Be thankful that now you realize you have a golden opportunity and the right perspective to make it happen. Now you move on to the next step of NLAs: excuses. Stop making excuses. Your first reaction to a great idea may be an excuse, an excuse of why it wouldn’t work and why you should not try or just give up. Instead of giving up your idea because of a few good excuses, use those excuses as critical dummy missiles so that you can rework and reinforce your idea.

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