Sleep Deprived-Here’s How It May Be Affecting Your Performance!

Sleep deprivation and the resultant tiredness can have a significant impact on your performance. With the stressful and demanding routines we all have, catching eight hours of sleep often becomes a challenge. While we try to make up for that with energy drinks and loads of caffeine, the temporary kick does nothing to improve our performance.

If you thought your slacking performance was a lack of skills rather the effect of not sleeping well, then you may need to rethink.

Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Your Performance

We’re living in an always working and hyper-connected world. Due to this culture, we spend more waking hours at work, which has a detrimental effect on the quality and quantity of our sleep. Several studies have explored the damaging consequences of a lack of sleep among professionals, especially business owners and they all conclude the same.

The findings prove that sleep deprivation can ultimately hinder our ability to perform at optimum levels at work. Moreover, it also has devastating emotional and physical side effects that ruin work performance and personal lives as well as our health.

All in all, it is safe to say that if you’re not sleeping well and enough, you are on the path of self-destruction. Let’s take a look at all the ways how below:

  1. Low Productive Capacity of Sleep-Deprived Business Owners

By not sleeping sufficiently and soundly, you make way for a major loss of productivity and quality of work. It worsens your working relationships and causes significant gaps in your communication, learning, growth, and concentration.

A sleep-deprived entrepreneur develops multiple negative attributes, including a short-temper, memory lapses, declined problem-solving ability, and more. When you go to work in a state of sleep deprivation, you’re not in the best disposition and are more prone to reactionary outbursts and moodiness.

You must note that when temper and reactionary outbursts occur too frequently on your behalf, it sours your work relationships. This has a ripple effect, and the bitterness in working relationships keeps spreading till it impacts your entire organization. Clearly, that is never a good thing for your business and team members, and can even lead to grave consequences like contract termination with clients, loss of a potential clients, and losing good team members, etc.

There are multiple serious problems sleep deprivation causes in both the workplace and personal life. In fact, many cite it as the primary cause of motor vehicle and industrial vehicle accidents. It is also one of the leading causes of absenteeism that stands at a high of five years.

  1. Takes a Toll on Physical Health

Poor work performance and a bad reputation in the industry are among the worst experiences for a business owner. But the drastic consequences do not end there. Lack of sleep takes a significant toll on one’s physical health too.

Many individuals tend to brush off a constant feeling of lethargy while failing to acknowledge that it is but a symptom of sleep shortage. Lack of sleep can also have other symptoms, such as palpitations, heartburn, etc., but we mostly ignore those.

The truth remains that these symptoms all relate to sleep shortage and can decrease our immune function and physical health in the long term. With time, you will earn a poor reputation at work and become susceptible to common illnesses. Some of these include obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, resulting from chronic sleep deprivation.

We don’t need to highlight how a scattered and unhealthy person suffering from multiple health issues will surely not be an impressively active business owner!

  1. Poor Decision-Making Abilities

Sleep deprivation not only deteriorates your physical health and work performance but could also give way to dangerous outcomes. The fact is that with poor concentration and thinking abilities, you lose the ability to perceive, judge, and decide well.

A study included 17 hours of wakefulness which amounts to a long day at work. The result of the study showed behavioral changes in the individuals, which were equivalent to drinking two glasses of alcohol.

You can figure very well that if your sustained wakefulness continues beyond 17 hours, you may behave as if you have consumed four glasses of alcohol. Can you guess the consequences that will follow?

We can tell it would result in diminished cognitive performance and lead to grave repercussions at work. It is not a hidden fact that critical attention to detail is a prerequisite for business owners and support staff. Hence, it does not take much to guess that the effects of sleep-deprived entrepreneurs can be nothing short of disastrous.

In fact, there are numerous examples of disastrous consequences erupting due to sleep-deprived workforces in history. Some of these include the Challenger space shuttle disaster, the oil spill at Exxon Valdez, and the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl.

  1. Declines Overall Well-Being

Sleeplessness also results in serious psychological effects, which is not surprising considering how sleep has a deep impact on most if not all facets of life. Hence, sleep-deprived business owners can also suffer memory loss, mania, hallucinations, and paranoia in case of chronic deprivation.

Even if one does not reach such a critical point, there are sure to be other subtle effects that can likely be detrimental for business owners. If nothing else, it will surely make your interpersonal role quite challenging to fulfill when you’re tired and dropping with fatigue.

There are also the social relationships to consider since marketing/business development is a must. Those who remain chronically tired and sleepy are more often in a bad mood with frayed nerves. As a result, the lack of attentiveness and good disposition puts a strain on key work relationships.

Short-Term Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

  • Sleeplessness causes a reduction in your alertness and cognitive abilities. Ultimately, it all impacts your productivity and quality of work.
  • It impairs your memory and decreases your ability to process information, thinking, and decision-making. Ultimately, it may result in miscalculations and poor decisions at work, for which the organization might have to pay heavily in terms of reputation and finances.
  • Higher risks of sustaining occupational injuries
  • Drowsy drivers contribute largely to automobile crashes and fatalities
  • This results in a declined quality of life. Eventually, it may even render an individual incapable of certain activities that demand attention, energy, and enthusiasm.
  • Business reduction and non-growth.

Short-term Effects of Sleeplessness

  • An unproductive and unaccomplished life
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Strained relationships, especially with the partner if their quality of sleep suffers due to yours
  • Mental impairment
  • Psychiatric issues
  • Accidents, injuries, and even fatalities
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Risks of suffering strokes
  • Risk of suffering cardiac arrests or heart failure
  • High blood pressure

Final Thoughts

Sleep-deprived entrepreneurs hurt workplace productivity. Chronic sleeplessness and insomnia or sleeping for less than six hours every night result in a major performance deficit. It creates a financial gap for your business and halts growth. What’s even worse is that it deprives you of the many opportunities for business growth and advancement you could achieve when you perform optimally.

Sleeplessness also turns the volume far down in terms of genuine engagement, efficiency, and innovation. Hence, make adequate and qualitative sleep a priority. If you can fix the problem with a few tweaks and changes to your routine, I strongly encourage you to go ahead and do it. But if not, remember there’s always professional help to gain what you’re missing out on, even sleep!

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