Support Team Performance Assessment – Download a Free Sample

Support Team Performance Assessment Sample

Support Team Performance Assessment Sample

Many simple and effective resources get created when I’m coaching people.  An issue or situation comes up and I create a resource tool to help them get an even better result.  In today’s example, the business owner wanted to better hold his support team accountable so I created a performance assessment tool.  This enhances regular communication with each team member about their specific performance of what they are responsible for.  It lets the team member feel good about their progress and it helps the business owner feel more confident about what is being done and at what level of performance.  You will benefit from utilizing this simple and effective performance assessment for every member of your team. Customize it for each person on your team. Schedule a meeting every 90 days to review progress in each area you are measuring.


To download your complimentary performance assessment so you can customize it for your team members, go to: /support-team-member-progress-assessment/


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